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Job Vision is a full-service staffing agency for the food industry and logistics services, specialized in providing Dutch and EU employees. We have our own recruiters and a database full of enthusiastic colleagues and job seekers. Our focus is always on optimal service to our clients and good employment practices for our employees, while strictly adhering to Dutch laws and regulations (WAB). Personal contact and job satisfaction are what we stand for. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and believe that good is not good enough.

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Our mission

The mission of Job Vision is to provide significant added value to every client company. Every company that hires a temporary worker will experience this as a highly valuable and positive employee. Someone who is energetic, positive, and engaged in their work. Our temporary workers help our clients achieve their goals.

Job Vision aims to be "top of mind" in the business world within the food and/or logistics sector, as well as among (international) job seekers.

Our vision

Our vision is that when colleagues are able to optimally use and utilize their talents, they will work with more dedication, commitment, and involvement. This allows them to develop themselves better and be more productive, which will result in added value for the client.

Our core values


Attention makes everything more beautiful. This is how we think and how we act. Attention for everyone, regardless of whether you work for Job Vision or not. Research shows that employee satisfaction arises mainly when the employer has attention for the person behind the "employee." Is someone working with their talent? Can they openly talk about their development and is something done with that? These are all important things for Job Vision.


Being competent as a person or company ultimately makes the difference. It indicates what you stand for and who you are, both as a company and as an individual. Competence in providing candidates or our knowledge of the food or logistics segment, for example. Because this always requires a certain expertise. Doing what you are good at, focusing on certain specializations, and not wanting to be a generalist.


This core value is very important. Both towards companies when it comes to keeping delivery agreements, but also towards our temporary workers regarding timely, complete, and error-free payment, in accordance with Dutch laws and regulations. But reliability is also about being clear beforehand.


Anything you give attention to will grow. We pay attention to our customer relationships and our temporary workers. Eventually, we grow as a company every day because our people are growing. We believe in the power of talent. Everyone has talent, and we offer the opportunity to use and develop these talents optimally, which allows our company to grow. If we grow, our clients will grow with us.

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