Dispute and complaints procedure of Job Vision BV Employment Agency


Reporting a complaint

Job Vision strives to optimally meet the wishes of its customers (flex workers and companies / institutions).

Despite this endeavour, it can happen that you are dissatisfied, which can lead to a complaint. Where people work, they make mistakes. Unfortunately, that happens. However, by taking errors and complaints seriously and seeing them as an opportunity for improvement, we continue to work on optimizing our services and cooperation.

Complaints are taken very seriously by Job Vision. It is our intention to always work together! This naturally applies to both of our client parties: the flex worker and the client. Job Vision has one complaints procedure intended for complaints from both clients and flex workers.

 Complaints handling

Because our services are designed locally, it means that the account manager is the first point of contact. The manager (Office Manager) of the account manager is ultimately responsible for the proper handling of the complaint.

 Complaints procedure Job Vision


The complaints procedure applies to all expressions of dissatisfaction about contacts with Job Vision that cannot be immediately resolved by the person directly addressed.

 Definition of a complaint

A complaint is an expression by a customer that shows that the service (provision) does not meet his expectations.  This can be either the client or the flex worker.  


Recording and handling complaints in a careful and uniform manner, removing the causes and taking adequate measures to prevent recurrence.

 Way in which a complaint can be reported

The complaint can be reported by phone or email to Job Vision's head office. Complaints received are dealt with immediately at this central reporting point. Your account manager will ensure that your complaint is passed on and will keep you informed of the handling of your complaint.